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BMW Log - The End

Well after being struck whilst the car was parked up (see here), it has now been confirmed that yes, it is the end of the E34.


BMW Log - Could This Be The End?

This could quite possibly be the end of the E34 :(

This happened on 2011-05-12T15:30BST. Time of day is approximate (+/- 15 mins)..

It was parked outside a house, I was inside the house. Heard the alarm go off, heard the gasps from others in the house and shouts of 'Someone just crashed into your car!'.

So I went out and the person who lived opposite had reversed out their drive, must have not looked to see if there was anything behind them (strange, when you're reversing) and collided with my car.

Impact front nearside wing/wheel.

The situation:

BMW Log - 208,380 Miles

Got round to doing some work on the car. Finally fitted Lemforder upper control arms and bushes! After that went for tracking. Nearside ball joint was gone (had clunking from there) and bushes were easy to move by hand.

Ride is certainly a lot more smoother but still not as stiff and stable as I would like, but it's another improvement.

At the same time I replaced the front brake pads, oil and filter.

BMW Log - 200,000 miles

The other week the car finally ticked over 200,000 miles.

BMW Log - ~198,050 miles - More Jobs Done

A successful day. The handling issues (described here) induced by what I now consider to have been mostly related to the rear subframe bushes have been seemingly eliminated.

Here is the culprit:

Knackered BushKnackered Bush


BMW E34 Rear Subframe Bush Removal Tool

I am planning on replacing the bushes that connect the rear subframe to the chassis. As I explained previously, these appear to be very worn out and getting worse.

The bushes pressed into the housing in the subframe. It is not a metal to metal fit as the bush has an external rubber coating over a steel cylindrical body. So even though it is a tight fit and requires a tool to remove and install them, hopefully removal shouldn't be too difficult as one can always heat to soften or even melt away the external rubber coating (with great care of course).

Website Update

Site's been down recently whilst I have been moving everything to a new (virtual) server.

The main reason for doing this was because I wanted to start using Gallery 3 for my photo gallery. In order to do this I needed to perform a 'gallery 2 import', a handy module in G3 to import your whole G2 installation, including comments and tags.

BMW Log - ~196,000 miles - More Handling Issues

Handling issues are developing, as always. I have been of the impression that all my handling problems have been related to the front end bushes. But a new noise has drawn my attention to the rear end of the car.

I am getting a very audible 'clunk' from the rear end every time torque is applied. i.e. every time I abruptly (although it is now getting easier to invoke it) de-clutch or engage the clutch or even just apply power the back end clunks.

After discussing it with a friend and reading up on it a bit, I seem to have very classic symptoms of worn rear subframe bushes.

BMW Log - ~194,000 miles

At the moment, pressing problems are the belt tensioner (have bought a new one) and the heater blower is having issues.